SOAR the World Leadership

We are a group of leaders who have come together to make the world a better place. We believe that we are stronger together than alone. We are committed to empowering children to make this world a better place.

Executive Director

Andy Krichman

I’m committed to a world with more love. As the world has more love, there will be more connection, peace and abundance.

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Andy has been involved in owning, building, renting and improving both residential and commercial properties since 1989. As president of Krichco Construction, Andy has led his team to build some of the most beautiful homes in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area. Andy’s passion for life, the outdoors and water sports, including barefoot waterskiing, wake surfing and wakeboarding led him to design, develop and manage a new concept wake park with ground breaking innovations that set new bars for wake park design and development across the world. He also has his hands in other project and is the proud father of 2 incredible kids, Celia and Ben.


Chablis Dandridge

I’m committed to a world filled with abundance where love, compassion, unity, peace and inclusiveness is not in short supply and everyone feels that they matter.

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By 18, Chablis Dandridge had dropped out of school, suffered 4 gunshot wounds, was paralyzed from waist down, fathered two children, was institutionalized for mental health concerns and found himself living in and out of jail. At 27, Chablis received a 15-year federal prison sentence for drug trafficking. On day one, he made the decision to transform his world and rewrite the ending of his life’s book. While in prison, Chablis received a college degree, learned Spanish, earned a Paralegal Certification, focused on community outreach and prison reform advocacy work, and authored 5 books. Today he speaks publicly on human rights and works tirelessly on recidivism and youth reformation programs. Chablis plans to marry in 2020.

Media Relations

Chris Parente

I’m committed to a world filled with compassion. If the world was filled with compassion, no child would grow up in a world torn by war.

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Chris has spent 26 years as a broadcast journalist, and his work has garnered 8 Emmy awards. He is currently the morning anchor at KWGN, Denver Colorado. When he’s not on the air, his other passion is Improvisational Comedy.  Chris studied at Chicago’s famed “Second City” under the Direction of Martin DeMaat, He has performed at comedy festivals around the country, and currently hosts his own improv troupe out of Denver, Colorado. Chris is also madly in love with Luis and appreciates all that he brings to his life.


Berit Brown

I’m committed to a world with more abundance. If the world had more abundance, then everyone could have their basic needs met, get that they matter, and be free to create, grow and contribute instead of just surviving.

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Berit Brown is the customer care manager and marketing/sales team member at ThinLine Global, an international manufacturer of high performance equestrian goods, designed to make a difference in the lives and health of horses and riders. After attending UNC- Greensboro, she was a paralegal for many years, eventually returning to her true passion, a career in the equine world. She lives in Durham with her partner, Cameron Alworth, three wonderful sons, and a small zoo: two horses (one very big, one very small), two goats, three cats and a very exuberant dog.


Eduardo Salabert

I’m committed to a world with more love. If the world was filled with love, no one would ever commit suicide because they didn’t feel loved or feel like they didn’t matter.

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Eduardo is the purchasing manager for ThinLine Global, an international manufacturer of high performance equestrian goods, designed to make a difference in the lives and health of horses and riders. He is currently a student at NC State University pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He was born in Cuba and moved to the United States at the age of 11. He lives in the Durham, NC and loves playing baseball and riding motorcycles.

Member at Large

Nancy Quinney

I’m committed to a unified world. If the world was unified there would be no separateness or feeling unwanted, no discrimination, no sides to take in war.

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Nancy is a Research Specialist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  As a graduate of St. Andrews Presbyterian College with degrees in biology and chemistry, she manages the Marsico Lung Institute’s Cystic Fibrosis Translational Medicine Pre-clinical Core, and drives the Functional Analysis Core for the R&D Program. Nancy has 30+ years of experience in physiology, molecular and cellular biology, and assisted reproductive medicine. As an expert in ion transport-related diseases of the lung and other tissues, she’s authored 30+ peer-reviewed publications and abstracts and holds a license for provisional patent application on Airway sphere cultures as a diagnostic device to monitor pharmacological responses of ion channels. She lives in NC with her husband Trenton, daughter Emily, and two cats, PeeWee and Tuesday.

Member at Large

Haley Werth

I’m committed to a world with more love. If the world had more love, people would be happier, more joyful and create peace and wellness for themselves, people around them and the earth. If the world had more love, people would live longer lives and feel more fulfilled.

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Haley is a global market development manager at Eastman Chemical Company focusing on improving the sustainability of the company’s specialty plastics. She grew up in a loving home in Boone, NC. She graduated from Appalachian State University with a BSBA in Computer Information Systems. She currently lives in Asheville, NC where she enjoys time with her boyfriend, family and friends as well as hiking, water sports, camping and doing yoga. She is passionate about traveling the world and spreading love and joy everywhere she goes.

Member at Large

Tobi Bowen

I’m committed to a world with more abundance. If the world had more abundance, no child would ever have the need to cry themselves to sleep because they were hungry.

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Tobi is the president of Instinctive Branding, a full-service brand focused agency that works with clients to grow their business and brand through printed literature, website development, overall internet presence, social media presence, promotional product sourcing, events & comprehensive marketing programs. She is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in psychology and was in nonprofit management for over 20 years with Resources for Seniors, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, American Diabetes Association and The Muscular Dystrophy Association in roles from Community Development to Executive Director. She lives in the Raleigh North Carolina area with her dogs Zoe and Bella and cats Reecie and Little Girl.